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Summer Supplement Swap

by in Integrative/Functional Medicine
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b2ap3_thumbnail_SupplementSwap3.jpgIf you take nutritional supplements, the changing of seasons is a great time to clean and organize your supplement cupboard and re-think your routine. The demands on your mind and body vary with the seasons, and adjusting your supplements to meet seasonal needs can help you to look and feel your best all year long!

Check out these “Summer Supplement Swaps” from my personal routine to help you get started:


During Winter months I take Vira-Resist herbal immune support daily to fight off coughs, colds, and flu. In the Summer months, I take a break from my immune support and tighten the cap and store the bottle in a cool, dark cupboard.

Summer months bring the potential for increased oxidative stress from sun exposure, summer cocktails and restaurant meals. To fight the effects of oxidative stress I increase my antioxidant routine, adding extra Antioxidant Support Formula, which contains the powerful antioxidants Selenium, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and N-Acetyl Cysteine, as well as Milk Thistle, which helps to protect my liver from potentially damaging effects of summer cocktails. I also add extra antioxidant-rich Vitamin C in the form of Buffered Vitamin C (which is more gentle on the stomach) to help protect my skin from sun damage and boost collagen synthesis.


Summer = Sweat. Combining the increased perspiration of summer with regular infrared sauna use puts me at risk for excess mineral loss, so I add extra Zinc and Magnesium to my routine to replenish losses. In addition, I am liberal with my use of sea salt to replenish minerals and stay hydrated.


For myself and many of my patients, a hefty dose of Vitamin D is recommended during Fall and Winter months. During Summer months, with increased sun exposure, this may not be necessary. I check my 25, OH Vitamin D levels and adjust my dose of Vitamin D3 as necessary. Why is this important? You can overdose on Vitamin D! Vitamin D is one of four fat-soluble vitamins (along with Vitamins A, E, and K), so levels can build up in your system and become toxic. It’s important to know your number!

Here’s to a happy, healthy Summer!

Carin Nielsen, MD

Carin Nielsen, MD Integrative Medicine I use an Integrative/Functional Medicine approach with my patients to treat a variety of chronic medical conditions. Treating symptoms simply by prescribing medication as a “band-aid” does not address the underlying factors that contributed to your problems in the first place, and is not likely to provide lasting results. My approach involves getting "under the surface” to find and correct underlying imbalances. If you are interested in learning more or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 231-638-5585.