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Stress Management Package

For clients interested in stress reduction as a form of self-care, or for those wishing to augment treatment programs through stress management skills, this Stress Management Package will focus on using body awareness, meditation, and mindfulness skills to address stress reduction.

The set of three sessions will help you to:

1. Identify your stress:
  • learn how stress affects your body, mind, and spirit
  • create awareness about your individual stressors
  • learn calming techniques to reduce stress in the moment
2. Assess your stress reactions:
  • recognize your personal stress symptoms
  • understand your habit reactions to stress
  • learn to acknowledge and let go of old habit stress reactions while calming your body and mind
3. Respond to stress:
  • learn to reduce overall stress exposure by problem solving stressors from a Whole Person perspective (body, mind, and spirit)
  • practice clinical stress reduction techniques which stimulate your natural relaxation response such as breath awareness, beginning meditation skills, imagery exercises, and body scans
  • set up your personal Stress Reduction Practice
Facilitator: Katie Winnell RN, BSN, NC
Nurse Coach and Health Educator

Cost: Three-visit package $175 (if 2 or more participating together $140 per person)