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Medical Concierge Services

Your time is valuable, and navigating the medical system can be time-consuming and frustrating. Dr. Nielsen and her staff can assist you in various ways, coordinating your care in a timely, professional manner.

Medical concierge services generally refer to those services provided above and beyond an office visit with Dr. Nielsen. Examples of our medical concierge services:
  • Expedited appointments with outside physicians if urgent evaluation is necessary 
  • Arranging referrals to physician specialists at patient request 
  • Scheduling diagnostic testing or imaging studies recommended by other providers 
  • Obtaining information for insurance companies for prior authorizations or coverage of services provided 
  • Coordinating physical therapy needs
  • Facilitating transfer of information to multiple providers in a care team 
  • Providing opinions, translations, or answering questions about care received from another medical facility 

Medical concierge services are billed based upon time spent coordinating care, and are available during regular office hours.

Please note that at this time our office does not have after-hours or weekend availability.