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Wellness and Lifestyle Change


Many chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and hypertension are strongly affected by your lifestyle patterns. This includes what you eat and drink, how often you move your body, how well you sleep and how you manage stress. Through lifestyle change, you may be able to reduce the number of prescription medications you are taking while lowering your blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar, shedding pounds and improving your cholesterol.

Doctors often say "you need to follow a low-cholsterol diet" or "you need to change your eating habits", but they don't always explain what that means! Dr. Nielsen will use your genetic background, your current medical concerns, and advanced laboratory testing to determine which diet and lifestyle changes are most important for you. You will get a through explanation of all results and recommendations and a detailed, customized plan will be created for you.
Dr. Nielsen will work with you to explore how your individual lifestyle is affecting your health, and will partner with you on your path to lasting lifestyle change. In addition to detailed explanations and written materials, there are a variety of team members available to as part of our "team approach", including:
  • integrative nutritional education to teach you nutrition "basics"
  • health coaching to provide ongoing support through lifestyle change
  • counseling to explore the reasons behind your current patterns and learn tools for behavior change
  • mindfulness meditation training to reduce reactivity and improve your stress response