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Clinical Meditation and Imagery

CLINICAL MEDITATION AND IMAGERY with Katie Winnell, Nurse Coach, is a meditative practice which combines the techniques of Focused Awareness Meditation with the insights of Transpersonal Nurse Coaching. The merging of these two complementary methods allows participants to experience and refine an evidence-based, clinically relevant meditative practice which has the potential to:
  • Reduce the physiological stress response
  • Reduce chronic illness risk factors
  • Attend to chronic illness symptoms in a gentle, individualized, yet effective manner
  • Experience a state of inner peace, focus, and self-awareness
  • Use this space of inner peace and focused awareness to allow the internal strengths of mindfulness, wisdom, and oneness to guide you toward your life of meaning and purpose
Clinical Meditation and Imagery can be accessed through group meditation sessions or by individual appointment with Katie Winnell, Nurse Coach.


This four-week series will provide you with a strong foundation to establish or build upon your own meditation practice. The Foundations class is based on Clinical Meditation techniques, including Focused Awareness and Mindfulness Meditation. It introduces the physical techniques which facilitate the meditative experience and develops mindfulness skills which assist in stress reduction, chronic illness risk reduction, and in the creation of a quiet mind and a quiet body.

The series will introduce:

Week 1: Your Brain and Body on Meditation: basic concepts and getting started

Week 2: Creating Focus: using the breath to focus the mind and body

Week 3: Shifting Focus to Awareness: practicing open awareness of thoughts and feelings

Week 4: Observing the Mind: moving from reactivity to observance and nonjudgment

The classes in this series will provide an opportunity to look in depth at each of these foundational concepts in meditation, and every class will offer a complete guided meditation, followed by a short silent meditation, allowing for your own healing meditative experience. The combination of Focused Awareness Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation techniques utilized in this class is based on evidence-based science and has been shown through research to be an effective adjunct therapy for many chronic illness states, for stress reduction, and for spiritual and emotional health. No prior experience necessary.