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UltraLite™ Dietary Ketosis Weight Loss Program

Turn on your body's fat-burning switch!

Meet Karen*, age 65

This past fall, Karen was looking to lose 10 pounds.
She lost even more than that in just 4 weeks with Ultra Lite™!

Integrative Medicine Weight Loss UltraLiteAt age 65, Karen was healthy and energetic. She took very little medication and had few concerns about her health. There was one thing that was nagging at her - her waistline. Since menopause, Karen had slowly put on about 10 pounds, and it wouldn't come off! Her Body Mass Index (BMI) was still considered in the "normal" range, but her clothes weren't fitting well and she just didn't' feel comfortable in her own body. With the Holidays approaching she was looking for a program that would produce results - fast!

Karen started the Ultra Lite™ to jump-start her weight loss. After one week she had lost 7.6 pounds, and after four weeks she was down 12.6 pounds. She lost 4.5 inches off her waist and 3.4 inches off her hips. Best of all, she felt full of energy!

What is Ultra Lite™?

Ultra Lite™ is a dietary ketosis weight loss program. It is designed to reduce hunger and cravings, increase mood and energy and maintain muscle mass while burning fat.  Ultra Lite™ is a great program for those who are motivated and ready for fast weight loss results or are looking to "jump-start" their weight loss/

How does Ultra Lite™ work?

The Ultra Lite™ program combines a balance of lean protein and limited high-quality carbohydrate to put your body into a mild state of dietary ketosis. This biochemically sets the body to burn your own fat as fuel for maximal fat loss. 

What is dietary ketosis?

The cells of your body typically use glucose, or blood sugar, as their primary source of fuel (I discussed this recently in my post about insulin resistance). When the amount of carbohydrates in your diet are restricted below a certain level, the cells of your body change their fuel!  They go from burning sugar for fuel to burning fat.  When you begin to burn fat as your primary fuel, your body produces ketone bodies which are circulated in your bloodstream.  The circulating ketone bodies have the benefit of reducing hunger and increasing energy and mental clarity.  You can measure the levels of ketone bodies in your urine to stay in maximal fat mode.  (Nationally known Functional Medicine neurologist Dr. David Pearlmutter makes an argument for lifelong dietary ketosis in his best-selling book "Grain Brain")

Is Ultra Lite™ a high-protein diet?

No! As a matter of fact, people will typically eat less protein than they normally do, but enough to not lose muscle mass (a key issue with weight loss is to protect your muscle mass; as muscle mass is your body's calorie burning engine).

How is Karen doing?

Well, 2 weeks after transitioning out of dietary ketosis and into a normal, balanced diet, Karen was doing fantastic!  She had lost nearly 3 more pounds and her energy was still soaring high.

Are you interested in the Ultra Lite™ weight loss program? This is just one tool of many that I use with clients to customize weight loss and lifestyle change programs for their needs. Learn more about my approach to weight loss by visiting our website  

Yours in Health,

Carin Nielsen, MD

*while this represents a true story, the patient name has been changed to protect his/her identity and privacy.

Carin Nielsen, MD Integrative MedicineI use an Integrative/Functional Medicine approach with my patients to treat a variety of chronic medical conditions. Treating symptoms and chronic disease simply by prescribing medication doesn't address the underlying factors that contributed your problems in the first place, and is not likely to provide lasting results. My approach involves getting "under the surface" to find and correct underlying imbalances. If you are interested in learning more or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 231-638-5585.
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