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Three Simple Steps to Prevent Summer Diet Sabotage

No matter where you live, the summer season can quickly turn into one big party! Tuesday night suddenly looks like Friday night, friends and family come out of the woodwork, and the picnics, BBQs and cocktails start becoming daily activities.

Suddenly, healthy eating becomes even more of a challenge.

Challenging, yes - but not impossible! Let me share with you the same advice I give my patients everyday - when it comes to food, don’t focus on what you shouldn’t be eating, instead focus on the foods that you need to eat at key points during the day to maintain energy, boost metabolism, and avoid over-indulging.


b2ap3_thumbnail_ProteinShakes.jpg1. Start your day with protein and fiber

Cereals, donuts, toast and bagels all cause a rapid rise in blood sugar (and insulin) that is followed by a blood sugar crash within hours. This can cause your energy level to plummet and can spark strong hunger and cravings. Starting your morning with protein and fiber promotes consistent energy by avoiding a blood sugar crash, boosts metabolism to promote weight loss and keep you full, often until lunchtime!

A protein shake/smoothie is an excellent way to start your summer days. Read more about reasons to start your day with a protein shake.

b2ap3_thumbnail_salad.jpg2. “Stack the Deck”
This is a concept that I frequently discuss with my patients. "Stacking the deck" simply refers to giving your body the food that it needs earlier in the day to promote stable mood and energy and reduced food cravings later in the day. If you know you have a party or event later in the evening, the last thing you want to do is starve yourself in anticipation! Not only will this increase cravings and decrease willpower, it can cause rapid mood swings. In addition, not eating during the day makes your body feel as though it is starving, which switches your metabolism to "fat-storing" mode instead of "fat-burning" mode.

3. Fill up on the good stuff first
Have you ever been to a Mexican restaurant? If you have, then you have probably gorged yourself on a basket of chips and salsa - filling yourself up before your meal even comes to the table!
Let's turn this scenario around. What if they brought out the basket of chips after you finished your meal? Would they still be as appealing? No way! Think of this as you plan your eating for your next party. Fill your plate with vegetables first. By filling up first with foods that are high in fiber and low in sugar, you will be less likely to over indulge in unhealthy choices without feeling deprived.

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Be Well!
Carin Nielsen, MD
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