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Carin Nielsen MD Physician Supported Weight Loss



Our unique approach to healthy weight loss involves more than just counting calories. Many factors can contribute to weight gain, including: 

  • hormone imbalance 
  • high levels of stress 
  • medication side effects 
  • thyroid disorders 
  • depression and anxiety 

In addition, the types of food you are eating can have a strong impact on your weight gain, not to mention your energy level and mood.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” program in our office! Each program is designed to meet your needs and may include:

  • testing for hormone imbalance, thyroid disorders and vitamin deficiencies 
  • customized meal schedules and food choices 
  • nutritional detoxification and cleansing programs to jump-start your weight loss 
  • protein-packed meal replacement products 
  • prescription weight loss medication when appropriate 
  • behavioral therapy and biofeedback to curb binge eating 
  • vitamin and supplement support
  • acupuncture, massage, and more! 

Dr. Carin Nielsen specializes in Integrative/Functional Medicine and Medical Weight Loss. Her personalized approach offers more than simply “shedding pounds” to improve energy, stabilize mood, and get lasting results. Dr. Nielsen will work with you in a private, one-on-one setting, exploring your personal roadblocks to healthier eating, and outlining goals and strategies for success. All diet plans are customized to meet your individual needs.

Working with an experienced, Certified Physician makes a difference.