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My Optimal Diet Program


This is what sets us apart! Each client is unique, and for long-term success, it is important to uncover the root cause behind your weight gain. This allows your weight loss plan to be customized for you. All clients start with a private, one-on-one appointment with Dr. Nielsen. During this appointment, Dr. Nielsen will review your medical history, diet history, and current dietary patterns and perform a physical examination. Laboratory studies are often ordered to screen for an underlying thyroid disorder, vitamin deficiency, hormone imbalance and/or elevated cholesterol and blood sugar. This visit usually lasts one hour.


After you meet with Dr. Nielsen and the two of you decide it's time to move forward with your weight loss program, you will be scheduled to return for an earlier-morning visit to have your body measurements and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis performed.

We use state-of-the-art Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) on all of our weight loss clients* to measure metabolism, calculate calorie and protein needs, and ensure that they are losing weight in a safe and efficient way.

Learn more about Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis/BIA 

*If you have a pacemaker or have had multiple joint replacements, you may not be eligible for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.


Using the information obtained in the initial consultation, along with laboratory testing results and BIA measurements, Dr. Nielsen will create a customized plan for your optimal diet. You will meet again in a one-on-one setting with Dr. Nielsen to review your testing results and the details of your plan, including:

  • A summary of the key factors being addressed in your customized program and outline of program goals
  • Your recommended daily eating schedule and food groups
  • Any necessary prescription medication adjustments

Other items that may be recommended for you:

  • nutritional detoxification and cleansing programs to jump-start your weight loss
  • protein-packed meal replacement products
  • prescription weight loss medication
  • herbal blends for stress reduction
  • vitamin and supplement support
  • acupuncture

Most of our clients choose a 12-week weight loss/lifestyle change program as their initial step. Your Optimal Diet 12-week program will include ongoing support, close monitoring, and program adjustment as necessary to ensure success! Weekly visits may range from a quick “weigh-in” to a brief appointment with Dr. Nielsen or one of our certified Integrative Health Coaches, depending on your needs and the details of your program. Ongoing education and encouragement are provided, questions are answered, medications are monitored, and plans are adjusted as needed to meet your needs.

Our goal is for you to reach the end of your 12-week program not just having shed pounds, but also have a better understanding of the reasons behind your weight gain as well as the types of foods that work best for you to maintain your weight loss. We'll provide you with the tools for long-term success.

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, we offer additional packages at a discount for ongoing support.

We have helped hundreds of clients lose weight and change their lives using customized plans, clean eating, and personalized support. Contact us to get started now!